Covid 19

Hi everybody – we hope you are keeping well and not suffering too much in this distressing epidemic. It’s obviously causing untold upset for parents & familys all over the world and we are no different (I am writing this whilst at home with 3 children). From our point of view it’s meant we have closed the shop for the time being. We are still currently taking online orders and delivering whilst it is safe to do so for us and you. We are operating to very high standards of hygiene and taking lots of precautions in how we handle delivery.

With the schools closed, uniform ordering is not really a priority – if however you wish to discuss how uniform works at any of the schools we supply, we are more than happy to guide and discuss what’s needed (it may even save our minds during a lock down phase). At present we have lots of time to educate and help people be ready for the september return to school. We love to do this face to face and meet you all at intake meetings, but sadly we will have to meet you another time. In the meantime – we can guide you on what is compulsory, optional, how to measure your child & account for growth. We will also be pleased to make sense of what it will cost and advise on how to keep the costs down.

Obviously we are a small family business, we keep our costs and profits low so we can help our community of parents and schools. We can’t compete with supermarket prices, but we do offer a superior product that lasts much longer and a much higher level of service to go with it. Unlike the supermarkets, this outbreak will be hard for us small retailers financially, so we’d be really happy if we could count on you to shop with us when things return to normal. In the meantime – please take care, treat everybody with compassion and let this bring out the best in us all.