Covid 19 – Opening Days & Safety Measures

Hi everybody – we hope you and your families are all looking after yourselves.

Our Letchworth shop is open again with measures in place to keep everybody safer. It’s obviously a complicated year and nobody quite knows how thi ssummer will progress or how people will prefer to shop. We’ve tried to cater for everybody as lockdown hopefully eases and we get busier.  We’ve tried to build some flexibility into our plans and will review how it is working over the next weeks.

Opening 18th June

We anticipate (and are already seeing) much greater demand online – so have allocated some days to deal with packing orders/delivering/collection of orders and other days to be open to the public. In August we are no longer running one on one appointments as it is just too busy, but if you are shielded/vulnerable do contact us and we will see what we can arrange.

Please see the current opening times and if you require any help please get in touch – we are happy to assist. We will be working 7 days a week during the busiest period – we are just splitting the time up in what seems to be the most efficient manner to assist the most people. Thanks for your custom and patience, it is truly appreciated.

Safety Measures:
Safety measures will be in place to try and help minimise risk – if these cause any inconvenience we do apologise, but we have certain guidance we must adhere to and want to try our best to keep everybody as safe as possible. In place will be;

  • Social distancing markers for outdoor queueing.
  • One person and child instore at a time.
  • Masks to be worn instore please by adults as per Gov guidance.
  • Hand Sanitation spray before handling clothing.
  • No clothing placed on over the head.
  • Quarantining of exchanges & returns.
  • Hygiene protocols for disinfecting surfaces.
  • Faceshields for staff for interactions.

Sizing Advice:
Although our changing rooms are closed as per government guidance there are lots of items we can help you try safely – anything that swipes faces when trying is obviously not a good idea, however blazers, skirts etc are easier to take precautions with.

If your child does wish to try on skirts, we would suggest wearing leggings to enable this. Jumpers/Polos can be largely sized by holding against the back/shoulders, your child can be measured for Blazer sizes, or they can be carefully tried on. We will use our experience to guide for a good/long lasting fit to take account of lots of growing.

If you require any help clarifying uniform/kit requirements or have any uniform question please feel free to email us at

Please take care, treat everybody with compassion and let this bring out the best in us all.